About Us

Hi, we are Woody's Pub N Grub and Keith and Natalie have been running Woody's Pub & Grub in Ashland for 14 years now.
 Just starting out in a small town Woody's worked to provide its customers with the best service and a place to relax.  News about the quality of our great food spread quickly, and we soon were able to make our dream come true: our own restaurant in the city!

Our restaurant now has 20 tables, but our goal remains to offer our customers a great meal at a reasonable price. That does not mean, however, that we compromise quality to do so. On the contrary: We guarantee the freshness of our ingredients, and prepare everything just the way you like it. We are a family restaurant with a tradition in food excellence.

We are dedicated to preserving a fantastic dining tradition. Our homemade sandwiches and burgers are, to us, a piece of home that we would like to preserve for the next generation.

This is us:

Natalie Winscott